It's Time!

You know what movie deserves a reboot? Barbarella. No, seriously. I'm watching it again on Netflix right now. I'm trying to decide who should be cast in the titular role. Pun intended. Jane Fonda would be hard to beat.

UPDATE: Apparently a remake was attempted. Here's the Wikipedia entry on the subject. And the star? Rose McGowan. Ah no.

03/15/2017 7:28 pm · Chuck Henry · 0 Comments

Sounds Like a Good Idea

When I think about snow days I picture a day filled with hot chocolate, board games and the company of my family. The reality is closer to children screaming into headsets to gaming partners on the internet and anime videos filled with gibberish and constant annoying questions. Maybe I should have gone to work?

03/14/2017 8:30 pm · Chuck Henry · 0 Comments

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