Chuck Henry :: Windrant

State of Gaming 2014

  • Number of games in collection: 101 (Current Collection)
  • Games acquired: 14 (List)
  • Expansions acquired: 22 (List)
  • Number of games sold, donated: Unknown. (BGG keeps most stats but not this one.)
  • Games played: 344 (Monthly Breakdown)
  • H-Index: 18 (I've played 18 games at least 18 times)
  • Cons/Retreats attended: 2 (Necrognomeacon and Gnomeageddon)

Goals for 2015

  1. Play a game a day! 365 plays!
  2. Boost my H-Index to 20.
  3. Attend at least 3 Cons/Retreats with at least one non-Gnome.
  4. Stick to my new collection policy: “Centum”. I'm keeping my collection at 100 titles. Expansions do not count towards the title count, just base games do. Once the collection is at 100 titles if I acquire another I need to purge one to make space. This so far has resulted in weeding of titles that are redundant. Martian Dice and Pass the Pigs were purged in favor of Zombie Dice. In the long term I hope this will result in me making more careful, reasoned, and thoughtful choices about the games I buy. Doing this helps to revoke my membership in the “Cult of the New”.

Top Ten Most Played

Game Quantity
The Duke52
Love Letter18
Wiz-War (eighth edition)17
Rivet Wars: Eastern Front15
Coin Age14
Viktory II12
Rubik's Tac Toe9
King of Tokyo8